Countries Covered by Insurance

Before hitting the road with your rented motorcycle, ensuring that the insurance provided by Easy Renter covers your destination is crucial. Upon key handover, your rental provider will give you the green insurance card specific to your rental. This card lists the countries where you are insured for the entire duration of your rental contract.

  • Important Advice

    The information provided here is for reference only. The countries listed on the green card and the territorial coverage are determined by our insurance partners, FMA Assurances and Wakam. Therefore, the list of included countries may change. If your travels take you outside of France, we recommend that you review the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance and contact our Easy Renter team to get accurate information about the insurance coverage tailored to your rented motorcycle and itinerary.

Coverage in the European Union

By default, our motorcycle insurance includes coverage for the member countries of the European Union through our partners FMA Assurances and Wakam.You will then benefit from all the guarantees listed in the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance (Third-Party Liability, Driver's Guarantee, All-Accidents Damage, etc.), subject to certain exceptions detailed below.

Limitations and restrictions

Although the core guarantees are maintained within the EU, there are some specifics to note: :

  • Guarantees related to Natural Disasters, Technological Catastrophes, and Climatic Events are valid exclusively in metropolitan France.
  • The guarantee against Terrorist Acts and Attacks is effective only on French territory.

Trips outside the European Union

If you plan to venture outside the EU borders with your rented motorcycle, it's likely your journey will be a long one and involve crossing several countries. In this case, we strongly advise you to discuss your plans with our team at Easy Renter. We will provide you with detailed information tailored to your situation.

To check before departure

As previously mentioned, the green insurance card will be handed to you by the rental provider along with your two-wheeler. This card is your passport to verify the countries covered by your insurance. Take the time to review it before you set off.

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