What time to pick up your motorcycle ?

To know what time to pick up your rental, you'll need to consider two pieces of information: the reserved period of your rental and the opening hours of the motorcycle rental agency. Pickup and return must be done within these two time slots.

For example, if you reserve a motorcycle for 3 days, from Thursday to Saturday, you can pick up the bike from Thursday at 9:00 am (the rental agency's opening time) and return it by 5:30 pm on Saturday (the rental agency's closing time on Saturday). Note that you're free to pick up the bike in the afternoon on Thursday or return it a day earlier. However, it's important to inform Easy Renter or the rental agency to facilitate the bike's management.

How to find out the opening hours of the motorcycle rental agency?

Before your reservation - You can find the opening hours of the motorcycle rental agency on the bike's page under "Information about the rental professional." The hours will be detailed for each day of the week. You can check them before making your reservation.

In the details of your reservation in your account - Once your reservation is made, you'll find the opening hours in the reservation details on your Easy Renter account.

How long does it take to pick up a bike?

One of our goals is to organize the bike handover as quickly as possible. Therefore, you'll be asked to make the payment and the deposit before picking up the bike. An initial check of your documents will also be done online. In total, it takes between 15 and 30 minutes to pick up the motorcycle.

If you plan to pick up your rental before closing, we recommend arriving at least 30 minutes before the rental agency closes. For example, if the motorcycle rental agency closes between 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm (lunch break), we recommend picking up the bike before 11:30 am.

What to bring to pick up the bike?

When picking up the bike, it's essential to bring your ID and your license: :

  • The original ID card or passport
  • The original driver's license
  • The original of your 7-hour driving certificate for 125cc or 3-wheelers (if necessary for driving the motorcycle)
  • The original of your international license (if your license is issued outside the EU)

After the dealer verifies the various documents, the keys to the bike will be handed over to you. To learn more about the accepted documents, here's our guide.

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