How to modify my booking?

You have an unexpected event and you want to change the dates of your booking. Or maybe you realise that the road trip planned is little longer and you would like to add some miles to your rental.

No need to panic, we will explain you how to modify your booking on this page !

How to change my motorcycle rental ?

If you want to change the conditions, you will need to cancel your reservation to make a new one.

    Here are the steps to cancel and make a new reservation:
  • Check if it is still possible to cancel your reservation by consulting the cancellation policy.
  • If you can still cancel your booking, sign in to your Easy Renter account and cancel your reservation by filling out the cancellation form. Here is a page that details how to cancel you booking.
  • Check your emails to retrieve your booking voucher.
  • Once you found your voucher, you can create a new booking with the modifications you wanted.

Your documents will then be reviewed by Easy Renter to ensure your ability to drive the motorcycle booked.

Why do I need to cancel? Why can’t it be modified on the booking directly?

Each booking is unique due to the rental conditions that make it up. When the renter confirm your rental, he also confirms the rental conditions of your reservation (mileage package, duration, equipment). Changing the conditions of the reservation would invalidate the renter’s validation.

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