Rental pick-up and return

Our objective is to make the processes as simple and as quick as possible for you or the professional that leaves his motorcycle. Here is how a rental goes before the pick-up, during the pick-up and when you will return the motorcycle.

1. Once your reservation has been finalised on the website, all the information is sent to the professional for validation. The payment is only withdrawn once we have their confirmation that the motorcycle is available. You will receive an email when he has validated your reservation. Your driving license and ID will need to be uploaded to your account for review. Also, the security deposite will have been successfully made 48 hours before the rental.

2. On the start date of your rental period, you will need to go to the leaser during opening hours, with proof of identity and your driving license. The leaser will print your rental contract that will be pre-filled with your information. The vehicle will be inspected with you for any conditions that need to be written on the contract. Once your rental file is completed, the leaser will hand over the vehicle with the keys, a full tank of petrol and a motorbike lock. Please plan in advance how you will transport the motorbike lock.

3. At the end of the rental period, you must return the vehicle one hour before the leaser closes with the same level of petrol as when you pick it up. You will then complete your rental contract with the leaser. If there is no cause for concern, your deposit will be fully refunded.