Rental pick-up and return

Our aim is to provide an easy and stress-free rental experience. There are two important steps during your rental: pick-up and return of the motorcycle.

Picking up the motorcycle

To pick up the motorbike you booked, you will need to go to the address provided in your email. You will be sent an email containing the renter’s address and contact details once the renter has confirmed your booking. Once you have arrived at the address, the renter will check your driving license and your ID (originals must be provided), before printing the rental contract so you can both finish filling it out.

The renter will ask you to inspect the motorcycle and point out anything that need to be mentioned on the contract. It is important that you note down any marks, scratches, or damage that you can see on the motorcycle. We recommend that you take pictures of the motorcycle if the renter allows you to do so.

  • The rental file

    - Before leaving, the renter will give you the following documents:
    • A copy of the rental contract (they will keep one for themselves)
    • A scan of the vehicle's registration card
    • A scan of the vehicle's Green Card
    • An accident report, in case you are involved in an accident with someone else on the road

Retuning the motorcycle

You will return the motorbike or scooter to the same address you picked it up from. Please be mindful of the time. Finalising and closing your rental contract can take up to 20 minutes, so it’s better to arrive 30 minutes before the renter is set to close.

  • Finalising the rental contract

    - Upon your return, the renter will inspect the motorcycle for any remarks, conditions or damage. The renter will then finish completing the contract. We suggest you keep one version of the rental contract with you.

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