Motorcycle rental rates

Here are all you need to know about the rental rates.

Who set the price ?

Easy Renter work very closely with renters to select the best prices for you. The renters who select the motorcycle to put on Easy Renter, set themselves the prices for their motorcycles.

It is therefore, very possible to find different prices for the same motorcycle at different location. It is just that renters choose to offer their motorcycle at different prices.

How to calculate the total amount of the rental ?

Rental rates are automatically computed when you select your rental dates. Here is what you need to know about how the total amount is calculated :

  • Select your rental dates

    - On the motorcycle pages, you can calculate the total amount of your rental by selecting your dates on the calendar. In this way, the daily rate is multiplied by the number of selected days. Your total mileage allowance and any selected options are also calculated based on your date selection.
  • Select your options

    - You will find several booking options under the booking calendar. If the renter offer some equipment for rent, the price will be multiplied by the number of days of your rental. The same mechanism applies for additional mileage. The price pick-up and return options will only be add once. If one of the booking option listed above is missing, it means that the renter removed it from is service. Discover the following page more details about booking options in the following page.

What is included in the rental rates ?

Prices include the motorcycle rental insurance and all the equipment lent for free by the renter (the SRA-approved lock is required in the contrat). If the rental agency provide some equipment for free, it will be specified in the “Rental information” of the motorcycle page.

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