How to increase a bank card limit?

Each bank card has a payment limit, which cannot be exceeded for cumulative payments and for a determined period (per month, per week and sometimes even per day). This system was put in place to help protect your finances and to prevent fraud. In most cases, the payment limit is calculated over 30 days.

Each payment with your bank card is recorded using the chip located on the back of your card and counts all the expenses added up over the given period.

How to increase your payment limit

Depending on your bank, you can either increase your payment limit directly via your online banking app or by contacting your bank. Your card limit will be removed immediately and you will be able to make purchases again within an hour.

    Additional information - Note that most of the time, the increase in your bank limit is temporary. It will return to its default amount once the deadline has passed. The increase in your payment limit depends on your bank card, as well as the nationality of the merchant bank. Easy Renter’s payment provider is located in Luxembourg.