Kilometric allowance

You will find the kilometric allowance on every motorcycle page of the website. It’s the owner of the motorcycle that decides the kilometric allowance for its motorcycle but it generally averages around 200 km per day.

Your total kilometric allowance will be automatically computed when you select your rental dates on the calendar. For instance, if you select 3 days in the calendar, it will multiply the kilometric allowance by 3, giving you 200x3 = 600 km.

If you need more kilometers with your rental, most of the motorcycle has the option to add kilometers to your kilometric allowance. You can usually add 50 km or 100 km per day. This option is given under the rental calendar on the motorcycle page.


The reading on the odometer is written on the rental files before any departure. Users should make a note of this reading because, if the upper kilometric threshold is surpassed, a fee of 50 cents for each additional kilometers will be applied.