Daily mileage limit

Generally, the average mileage limit on Easy Renter is 200 km (124 miles) per rental day. However, depending on the motorcycle, the mileage limit may be higher or lower - this will be up to individual renters, or motorcycles.

  • Total mileage calculated automatically

    - As for the price, the total mileage for rentals will be calculated automatically when you select your rental period. For example, if you select three days for your rental, the system will multiply the default mileage limit by three. The result will be displayed just above the calendar.

Please note: we only use the metric system (km), meaning you will only see kilometres on the platform, not miles.

What happens if you exceed the mileage limit ?

At the end of your rental, the renter will write the number of kilometers you drove on the contract. If you drive more kilometers than allowed, you will be charged 0,70 € for each additional kilometer.

To prevent this from happening, you can add extra kilometres to your rental. Read the following page to find out how to add options to your rental.

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