Managing a fine during your rental

You may receive a fine during your rental. For example, you may have gone over the speed limit or parked in a ticketed area.

Here are our tips on what to do if you get a ticket.

What to do in case of a ticket?

Firstly, if you know that you’ve been fined, it is courteous to inform the renter that they might be sent a ticket.

For rentals, tickets are automatically sent to the rental company, as they are the owner of the registration card.

It is best to warn the rental company in advance of them receiving the ticket, informing them of the date, location and possible reason for the ticket. This information will help them better identify the ticket and facilitate the process.

But if you have no knowledge of the offence, the rental company will find the individual who was riding the motorcycle when the offence was committed.

Sending the ticket

As the rental company is not responsible for the ticket, they are required to explain the nature of the offence to the authorities. This means that the rental company will have to provide the rental contract as well as information on the motorcycle user who committed the offence.

You will then be sent the ticket by the authorities.

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