The deposite wasn't successful

You will be asked on your Easy Renter account to make the deposit 48 hours before the rental. The deposit is not withdrawn from the bank account. Our system is only locking the amount on the bank account for the duration of the rental. For more information about how the security deposit work, please visit this page.

In some cases, your attempt to take the security deposit will fail. Here are the possible reasons why your deposit didn’t go through :

  • A payment ceiling
  • Insufficient funds

Here are the possible solutions :

  • You can save another bank card on your Easy Renter account and use it for the deposit. To do so, you will need to log in, go to “management of your bank card” and select “add a new card”.
  • Contact your bank so they could inform your of the origin of the issue. They should be able to see why the deposit didn’t go through and perform the necessary actions so it could be successful.

Once you have done the necessary, you can make another attempt to take the deposit.