Having a problems with the deposit? Here is what to do

The security deposit is essential to processing your rental. You will be sent a notification via email and text message (French numbers only) when the deposit is open on your account. For more information about how the deposit works, please read the following page >

The most common reasons

Your security deposit may have been refused by your bank, for the following reasons:

  • The 3D Secure verification has not been validated - Most bank operations now need to be validated with 3DS on your banking app. If you’re booking on your phone, don’t forget to come back to the payment page to finalise the operation.
  • Insufficient funds in your card account - This means that there are not enough funds available in your bank account for the deposit.
  • Your payment limit is insufficient - This means that the deposit is higher than the maximum value for a single bank operation on your account. This payment limit could also be a monthly limit.

The most common reasons

  • Use the reduced deposit option

    - Reducing your deposit makes it easier for you to pay as the amount will be lower. An extra fee will be charged to access this service. Please note that some motorcycles may not have access to this service.
  • Use another bank card

    - You can use another bank card to pay the security deposit.
  • Increase the payment limit

    - Most bank cards allow you to temporarily increase your payment limit. If this is not the case, please contact your bank.
  • Increase the funds in your card account

    - If you don’t have enough funds in your card account to pay the deposit, you will need to increase the funds.
  • Contact your bank

    - If you don’t know where the issue is coming from, another solution is to contact your bank so they can help you to identify what is causing the problem.

Once you find out what is causing the problem, you can try a new deposit. To make a new attempt, simply follow the same procedure as for the first attempt. If you need any help doing so, please refer to the following page >.

Here are the possible solutions :

  • You can save another bank card on your Easy Renter account and use it for the deposit. To do so, you will need to log in, go to “management of your bank card” and select “add a new card”.
  • Contact your bank so they could inform your of the origin of the issue. They should be able to see why the deposit didn’t go through and perform the necessary actions so it could be successful.

Once you have done the necessary, you can make another attempt to take the deposit.

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