Upload your documents

To book a motorcycle or scooter on Easy Renter, you must upload your driving license and identity document in your customer account. These must be valid and the expiration date must be after the return date of your rental. To find out more about the documents conditions for validation, read the following page.

How to upload the documents?

    To ensure the validation of your identity documents, follow these steps:
  • Log in to your Easy Renter account. If you do not have an Easy Renter account yet, create one now
  • Go to the "Identity document and driving license" section
  • Upload the documents front/back in the spaces provided for this purpose. The documents must be in "jpeg", "png" or "pdf" format to be properly saved.

Your documents will then be reviewed by Easy Renter to ensure your ability to drive the motorcycle booked.

Most common mistake and how to ensure driver’s documents are validated?

  • Ensure that the documents are legible - To facilitate the validation of your documents by our Easy Renter team, ensure that they are legible and check for the absence of reflection, shadow, or blur that may hinder reading.
  • Ensure that the entire document is captured in the photo - We do not accept documents taken in several pictures or scans. We must be able to read the entire front and back.
  • You have a B licence with a 7-hour training, what to do? (french driving licence) - If you have a 7-hour training certificate, send us a photo of your B licence front/back and a photo of your 7-hour certificate front/back.
  • Certificates of driving license are not accepted (french driving licence) - The 7-hour passage certificate for obtaining the A licence does not authorise the licence holder to ride unrestricted motorcycle yet. Our team will only validate the A license mentions listed on the driving licenses.

The documents were not accepted. What to do ?

If we cannot verify the documents or if the information are not sufficient to drive the rented vehicle, you will receive an email and a text message informing you of our inability to validate your documents. In this case, we invite you to take note of the possible causes and send again the required documents.

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