The security deposit

When booking a motorcycle on Easy Renter, you must pay a security deposit.

When to pay the security deposit

You will be asked to pay the security deposit 48 hours before your rental. You will be informed by email and text message (French numbers only) when the security deposit is open on your booking.

How to pay the security deposit

To pay the security deposit, you will be asked to log in to your Easy Renter account and go to “Security Deposit Management”. If the security deposit is open, a " Pay the security deposit" button will be available. Once you click on the button, you will be asked to choose between two options: the normal deposit or the reduced deposit.

Before you attempt to pay the security deposit, make sure you have:

  • A sufficiently high bank limit - Make sure the bank limit on your bank card is sufficient for the pre-authorisation to work.
  • Sufficient funds in your account - Please check that you have enough money in your bank account.

If you encounter any problems when paying the deposit, please read this page >

Deposits will not be debited from your account

Deposits will not be debited from your account. Payment is made through a bank imprint that freezes the security deposit on your account for a given period of time.

Bank imprints are very common - you will already have used them before in the past. This is what happens when you fill up at a petrol station, for example:

  • First, you insert your card and the petrol station creates a bank imprint
  • Then, you fill up your tank with fuel
  • Finally, without giving your card again, the petrol station charges you for the amount you put in your tank

When will it be released after my rental?

Your deposit will be released 3 days after the end of your rental. You will be sent an email and a text message (French numbers only) to inform you that the deposit has been released.

Where can I find the deposit information for the motorcycle I want to rent?

You can find the security deposit amount before the booking on the motorcycle page in the “Rental Information” section. Please note that the value of the security deposit varies depending on the model of the vehicle.

You will be sent a confirmation email containing the deposit information once you have made your booking.

Rental information

    • Available in Pau

    • Driving licence required: Permis A ou A2

    • Minimum age : 25 years old

    • Equipment provided: SRA Security Lock

    • Information(s): -

    • All-risk insurance included

      • Security deposit: €1200 for this vehicle.

What will need to happen for me not to get my security deposit back?

Deposits may be kept in the event of damage to the motorcycle, or to cover additional fees such as late return, extra mileage, or cleaning fees. If the renter reports such an incident, the deposit will be kept for a few additional days in order for our team to investigate and make an informed decision.

The driver of the motorcycle will be sent an email notifying them of the process. Any further action will be notified and justified under the conditions of the rental contract.

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