125cc driving licences

We explain in this guide the different licences, certificates, and special cases that allow you to drive a 125cc. Note that we use french and EU regulations to determine theses rules.

For french driving licence

The A1 driving licence

The A1 licence is the driving licence that allows you to drive a 125cc motorcycle. It is obtained after a theoretical and practical exam. To take the exam, you must have completed at least 20 hours of driving lessons on a 125cc motorcycle and have obtained the motorcycle highway code.

Here are examples of accepted photos. Please note that all information must be readable. So, beware of camera blur and flash on documents.

    Warning !
  • Before January 1, 2011, the A1 designation was automatically filled in (checked) on the driving licence when obtaining the B licence. Therefore, before January 1, 2011, a person holding a B licence could drive a 125cc.
  • This obtaining of the A1 licence is no longer issued with the B licence. Furthermore, the old licences with the A1 designation issued with the B licence are no longer valid since January 1, 2011 except in exceptional cases (see below).

The B licence with the 7 hours certificat

To drive a 125cc scooter or motorcycle with your B licence, you will need to complete a 7-hour training course from a qualified school.

This training is done in 1 day and does not include a final exam. Once your 7 hours are completed, you will receive a certificate confirming that the 125cc driving course has been completed.

Exceptional cases :

In the French Highway Code, there are certain exceptional cases that allow you to drive a 125cc with only a B licence.

  • You obtained your B licence before March 1980 - You can drive a 125cc if you obtained your B licence before March 1980.
  • You drove and insured a 125cc between 2006 and 2010 - You have the possibility to drive a 125cc with your B licence, under the presentation of an insurance information statement stating that you drove and insured a 125cc between 2006 and 2010.

For EU driving licences

The A1 licence or above

If your driving licence was issued in an EU country, you will need to have at least the A1 driving licence check on your driving licence. A2 and A licence will of course be sufficient to ride a 125cc motorcycle.

If you have an old driving licence issued before the standardised EU system, we will use EU documents to verify your ability to ride the rented motorcycle.

For licences from outside the EU

First of all, if your driving licence was issued in a country from outside the EU and if it’s not written in French, you’ll need an official translated version of your driving licence. International driving licence often provide an French translated version of your licence. The translated version must show that you have the capacity to ride 125cc motorcycle.

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