Who owns the motorcycles ?

The motorcycles and scooters rented on Easy Renter are exclusively owned by professional renters. Most of them are motorcycle dealers who want to offer brand new motorcycles for rent. We also work with other professionals such as motorcycle accessory shops, independent renters and travel agents.

Each renter is trained and follows Easy Renter’s standards so we can ensure the best motorcycle experience.

Why does Easy Renter work with professionals only ?

Easy Renter works exclusively with professional renters to ensure the best service and the best quality motorcycles. Here are some more reasons we work with professional renters:

  • Best rental management

    - All our professionals are experienced in rental management, and are given training so they know exactly what to do.
  • Avoid surprises

    - Professionals will arrange a time that suits you during their opening hours. Pick-up and returns will be at the same address. No surprises, you can plan your road trip knowing you have all the information you need.
  • Rent brand new motorcycles

    - Working with bike dealers means we can offer a wide range of new motorcycles. Catalogues are usually updated once or twice a year and contain all the latest models.
  • Drive safely

    - All vehicles conform to French legislation, with no modifications, and are maintained by experts.
  • Optional equipment rental

    - Rent equipment from professionals, including helmets, gloves, jackets and luggage. You can find out what equipment is available on the motorcycle pages.
  • Local riders

    - These local specialists know their regions inside out and can advise you on where to ride and places to discover.
  • Motorcycle experts

    - Most of our renters know everything about their motorcycles. If you’ve got any questions, they’re the best people to ask.