Cancellation Policies

Should there be a change in the weather or an unforeseen change of circumstances, we have a simple and reasonable cancellation policy. So that it meets the needs of the Renter as well as the Rider, the Rider must give notice of their intention to cancel.

    Here are the different refund policies according to when we receive the cancellation. If you send your cancellation request:

  • Before 12:00 PM (noon) the day before the rental

    - We will cancel the reservation and you will receive a voucher by email for the value of your reservation.
  • After 12:00 PM (noon) the day before the rental

    - After this time, the reservation cannot be cancelled. Cancellation will not give access to a voucher.

How to cancel your reservation?

To cancel your reservation, please send us a message with your booking number, driver's name and surname. Our team will consider your request and use the date and time of receipt of your message for the application of our cancellation policy. You will then receive an email confirming the cancellation of your reservation, accompanied by a possible voucher to be used for a future reservation.

Voucher’s conditions of use

  • A voucher can only be used for a new reservation. It cannot be applied to a finished or ongoing reservation.
  • A voucher is valid for 6 months (or 183 days) from the day the voucher is received.
  • If you make a reservation with a voucher, and the reservation is not validated by the rental company, you will receive a new voucher for the value of the voucher used.

For more information on how to use a voucher, please read the following page >