deposits and per-kilometer costs

Kilometric allowance

Generally, you will be given an allowance of 250 km for each day of your rental. In other words, if you rent a bike for 3 days, your kilometric allowance will be 3 x 250 km, giving you 750 km.

Users should make a note of the reading on the odometer at the start and end of the rental period. If the upper kilometric threshold is surpassed, you will be charged 50 cents for each additional kilometre.

The deposit

The deposit acts as a guarantee for the renter. In the event of any damages to the rental bike, part or all of the deposit may be withheld in order to compensate for any repair costs. The total for the deposit will normally depend on the value and category of the rented vehicle. Please note that the following amounts are given purely as an indication: leasers are free to choose their own deposits themselves.

Category of motorcycle50/125cc125cc
Mid SizeBig SizeHuge SizePremium

Vehicle deposits are listed on the page for each bike in the area highlighted below:

Deposite renting motorcyle

In order to complete your rental file on the day you go to pick up the vehicle, you will need to pay a deposit. Ideally, this will be done via a bank transfer or, failing that, by cheque. You will therefore be required to show the leaser a bank card as well as a cheque book.